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I've included some Google searches in case these guide don't contain the information you're looking for.


Back up with Norton Ghost (15 pages)
Holds site record with 1,754 copies requested in a single day.
This guide can save you a lot of time & headaches.
Google search for Norton Ghost guide tutorial.

2. ASPI Drivers Guide (2 pages)
ASPI drivers are used by many burning & ripping programs.
This guide is
translated into more languages than any other.
Google search for ASPI layer drivers.

3. Doc's FDISK Partitioning guide (4 pages)
A tutorial to partitioning a hard drive with FDISK.
Compliments of the Doc, referenced by 3 universities.
Google search for FDISK hard drive partitioning guide.

4. Windows XP Installation guide (4 pages)
Install Windows from scratch.

Google search for Windows XP Installation guide.

5. Ripping CD Audio & MP3 Encoding (8 pages)
Based on ripping with EAC & encoding with Lame.
This guide receives more
kudos than any other.
Google search for Ripping cd audio mp3 encoding.

6. Wendy's USC Film school chronicles (85 pages)
Real-time chronicles of Wendy's adventures at 
the world's finest Film school.
Google search for USC Film school.

7. Boot from a SCSI Hard drive (14 pages)
My favorite guide, espousing a hybrid approach to storage.
Also available in PDF format.
Google search for SCSI user's guide tutorial.

8. Hard Drive Partitioning Strategies (4 pages)
What's the best way to divvy it up your new drive?
A companion to the Doc's FDISK partitioning tutorial.
Google search for Hard drive partitioning strategies.

9. The Best Software Programs (2 pages)
How do you choose one when so many do the same thing?
Currently the site's fastest-growing guide (in popularity).
Google search for Best software programs applications.

10. PC Stability Factors (1 page)
A look at the factors affecting PC stability.
One of the newer articles.
Google search for PC stability factors.


11. Magoo's BitTorrent guide (6 pages)
How to get this hot, new file-sharing
program up & running on your PC.
Google search for BitTorrent guide.

12. Asus CUSL2 Motherboard User's guide (8 pages]
This guide received more reader input than any other.
Also available in PDF format.
Google search for Asus CUSL2 motherboard users guide.

PC Benchmarks (20 benchmarks)
A sample of PC benchmarks for making comparisons.
Includes links to popular benchmarking programs.
Google search for PC benchmarks and programs.

14. Build a Video Editing Workstation (5 pages)
Lessons learned from building an NLE workstation.
Needs updating, but still contains system-building info.
Google search for Build non-linear editing NLE system.

15. PC Maintenance (1 page)
A list of things that will keep your system humming.
Google search for PC computer maintenance.

16. Digital Warrior (1 page)
Skills for the digital age.
How do your digital skills measure up?
Google search for Digital computer skills.

17. PC Upgrade Strategy (1 page)
Thinking of upgrading your PC?
See here for ideas.
Google search for PC upgrade strategy.

18. Climb Half Dome (32 pictures)
Photos from an 8-mile hike to the top of Half Dome.
A 7-minute broadband-streaming video is also available.
Google search for Half Dome Yosemite photos.

19. Backpack Yosemite (34 pictures)
Photos from places no car can go.
Nothing like seeing a bear while you're holding a hotdog.
Google search for Backpack Yosemite photos.

20. Radify your new laptop / notebook computer (1 page)
Setting up your new laptop/notebook.
Google search for:
laptop notebook computer set-up configuration.

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