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YaBB = Yet another Bulletin BoardRadiation tri-blade 29.march.2007 - Making final tweaks to the new forum. Installed two new mods today [making a total of 4]. One: admin mod, which will give us more control over the forum...

... and (2) an email mod, which will give us tools to help combat spammers, should we be attacked again, like we were last spring.

Also finished combing thru the Ghost guide and changed all links there that were pointing to threads at the old forum, to the same threads at the new forums.

Today's entry continues in the blog. See here > Making final tweaks to new YaBB forum software (v2.1)

Radiation tri-blade 27.march.2007 - Still dialing-in the new forum. I tried to capture much of my experience (lessons learned, both good & bad) in Sunday's blog entry...

.. so others who might attempt the same endeavor (converting existing forums to a new URL) could glean insights from someone with first-hand experience.

There are certainly challenges associated with "upgrading" a forum (more accurately described as a > new installation & subsequent conversion) that involves a new URL .. which I hadn't fully appreciated (having never before attempted it).

All in all, I'm glad I did .. cuz many of the forum's new features are cool. But it's not something I'd want to do again anytime soon.

I'm also glad I waited for v2.1, which contains many bug fixes & improvements to v2.0. It's like waiting for the first service pack from Microsoft before installing a new operating system.

The biggest surprise .. is I don't think I'll be able to delete posts at the old forums .. at least not any time soon .. since so many links still point back to posts (threads) at the old forum.

Today's entry continues in the blog. See here > Dialing-in new YaBB forum software (v2.1)

Radiation tri-blade 25.march.2007 - We have a new URL for the (upgraded) Rad Community forums > http://radified.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl

As of 9:45 AM PST today (Sunday) I converted all members & posts to the new forum.

But posts made to the old forum URL *after* 9:45 AM PST today will *not* convert over to the new forum (v2.1).

The installation of the new forum software (which is the hard part) went flawlessly, without a hitch, but I had trouble with the conversion (the easy part).

Once I figured out however, that the convertor wanted (needed) the *absolute* path [/home/radif2/public_html/cgi-bin/YaBB] to the old (v1.4) files, the conversion worked beautifully (took ~ 5 or 10 minutes .. truly a thing of beauty).

We have literally thousands of posts, and even more registered members, so doing the conversion "by hand" would've suk'ed big time. I love when technology works the way it's supposed to.

The remainder of today's entry is continued in Ye Olde Rad Blog. See here > Upgraded & Converted Rad Community Forums to YaBB v2.1 (new URL)

Radiation tri-blade 24.march.2007 - Looking into upgrading the community forums to the latest version of YaBB > v2.1 (released November 2005). Site currently uses v1.4 (released Nov 2004).

I've upgrade the forums several times (v1.0 > to v1.1 > to v1.2 > to v1.3 to v1.4), but upgrades are done so infrequently I need to review the procedure each time (..and they rarely go without a hitch).

This particular upgrade may be different in that it seems to best method might be to install a *new* version of v2.1 (not an upgrade) to a *new* directory...

...and then use a special conversion tool that imports old posts & members (to the new installation).

The worst outcome would be to end up with an unusable forum. I'm reviewing the procedure now.

Rad casa, Costa Mesa, CaliforniaRadiation tri-blade 21.march.2007 - I always feel like I know someone better after I've visited them at their home and seen where they live.

With that, I have 4 photos for you, taken yesterday (first day of spring), near sunset, so you can see where I live (aka > "the ranch"):

The photos are nothing fancy, taken in the back yard. But you'll get an idea where I live, where the bug runs around & plays, and hopefully you'll feel like you know me a little better.

How I got here .. now that's a good story .. maybe another day.

I'm experimenting with the idea of including an image with the daily entry. Dr. Jakob frowns on images, claiming they suck too much bandwidth, which make web pages load slowly.

But I'm going to try and strike a balance by using small images, like the ones I used yesterday & today.

First day of spring today. Also called the Spring equinox, or the Vernal equinoxRadiation tri-blade 20.march.2007 - First day of spring (here in the Northern hemisphere). Also called the spring equinox, or vernal equinox. The word equinox means equal night.

Here on the Left coast, the exact time (when the sun crosses the equator) is > 5:07 PM (8:07 Eastern).

Nature lovers the world over will be out celebrating, banging their drums and enjoying the day. I'm gonna try for a bike ride later, ~ 5PM, so I'll be out at the exact moment. (I don't have a drum, but I'll find something to bang on.)

Perhaps I should note that day & night are not exactly equal on the equinox .. for reasons detailed here > US Naval Observatory, and also at National Geographic.

The remainder of today's entry is continued in Ye Olde Rad Blog. See here > First Day of Spring (Vernal Equinox)

Radiation tri-blade 18.march.2007 - Let's begin with good news today. My shoulder feels better (after months of being sore). Normally, shampoo'ing my hair hurts it worst (kills me). Today was the first day a shower brought no pain.

I've stopped lifting weights and took up bike-riding instead, in an effort to give the shoulder a chance to heal. I also carry the bug with my other arm (or on my shoulders). Seemed like that pain would never go away.

On a less-positive note .. you may recall back in November (the 7th), I mentioned a desire to quit drinking coffee (caffeine). So how's that coming? you ask?

Coffee never tasted so good as when I decided to quit. I drink espresso, and I've been drinking more of it than ever. ("Quadruple-shot, please.") Seems the more determined I am to quit, the better it tastes.

The remainder of today's entry is continued in Ye Olde Rad Blog. See here > Caffeine Addiction & Thoughts on Fatherhood (Motivation)

Lunarpages.com Web Hosting Radiation tri-blade 13.march.2007 - Received an email recently from the nice folks at Lunarpages, who host RADIFIED on one of their swanky servers (physically located downtown Los Angeles).

The girl I spoke with (Tiara) said Radified was referenced by people signing up for new accounts there, as the place where they heard about Lunarpages.

She said, if I completed a form to join their affiliate program, I'd get $65 for everyone who signed up. I said, "Cool," and did.

The link you see to your right is part of Lunarpages' affiliate program. If you know anybody looking for web hosting, send them by to click my link. (It won't cost them a penny extra.)

There's always a link located at the very bottom of this home page.

I researched web hosting providers and felt Lunarpages offered the best deal and most options. After being with them over a year now, I'm happy about my decision.

Back Bay Loop bike path: Newport Beach, CaliforniaRadiation tri-blade 12.march.2007 - Took along my digital camera yesterday (Sunday) on a bike ride around the (beautiful) Back Bay Loop (~10 miles) .. here in Newport Beach. Gorgeous summer-like day.

Snapped photos along the way. Posted some of them, so you might get an idea what it's like to cruise this (marvelous) bike path.

See here > Back Bay Loop bike path & Newport Dunes Park. Enjoy.

The pictures would have come out better if I took them during the "magic hour" near sunset (or sunRISE). But these will still give you an idea what the loop is like.

In > this photo (65-KB), you can see smoke in the distance, from a fire that has been raging in nearby Anaheim Hills. Fortunately, the wind was blowing the other way.

In has been unusually warm here lately, and very dry, which wrecks havoc with my sinuses. I mention my reasons for cruising the Back Bay here > On the Rad Road to Recover

Radiation tri-blade 11.march.2007 - No entry in 10 days. That hasn't happened in many moons. The last time was probably back when I backpacked the mountains of Yosemite (& grew a beard). So something is up.

I need to feel an entry before I can write. I rarely write just to add words .. which seems trivial, if not phony.

In trying to understand this recent silence, I feel (not sure) it stems from a combination of the back injury and increased co-parenting contention.

Custody battles, as you know, are notoriously emotional. And when trouble befalls (as with the case of a debilitating injury), my instincts are to put emotional things on hold, and deal with the crisis sans emotion (to avoid distracting from the issue at hand).

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Radiation tri-blade 01.march.2007 - The Rad community forums broke the 25,000 post mark (with some individual threads logging more than 80,000 page views).

The Rad forums specialize in backing up your hard drive (the ultimate way >) with an imaging/cloning program called Norton Ghost (distributed by Symantec). A back-up image can help you sleep better.

Everybody at the forums has their own bailiwick of troubleshooting expertise, and there aren't many problems we haven't already seen (dozens of times).

There are several different versions of Ghost which folks are using .. including Ghost 2003 (which I prefer, for reasons detailed here), along with Ghost 9,.. Ghost 10, and now Norton Save & Restore (which is sometimes called Ghost 11, but close in features to Ghost 10).

The remainder of today's entry is continued in Ye Olde Rad Blog. See here > Rad Community Forums break 25,000 post mark