News for May 2002


31may2002 - Wendy posted a list of the ten filmmaking books she found most helpful during the last 5 years at the world's finest Film school. See here.

29may2002 - While walking thru Heisler Park (Laguna Beach) at sunset last night, an old lady walking her dog right in front of me stumbled across a fat wad of money laying on the walkway. I couldn't tell if they were singles or hundred dollar bills, but she looked happy. I have since begun walking more briskly. =)

22may2002 - Sony's 'Copy-Proof' CDs cracked with 99-cent marker pen. See here (Yahoo News) for the story. Thx to alilip for the link.

21may2002 - Watched the movie The Beach last night, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Shot in Thailand. Gorgeous scenery. About the search for utopia. Based on the novel by Alex Garland. Easy to recommend. I don't remember it coming to theaters. It would have been great to see this movie on the big screen. Including this one on the official Radified recommended list.

20may2002 - Saw the new Star Wars movie on the giant screen at Edwards Big Newport theater yesterday. The place was packed. Only a few rows in the very front remained empty. Had to park in another parking lot and walk a long way.

I thought they spent too much time on the love story, at least for a movie named Star Wars. Seems like they tried to make this episode all things to all people. The fight scenes are what most people came to see. Yoda saved the day and was this episode's hero. Nice twist. I also would have liked a more complicated and intricate plot. But there were some very cool parts.

The wide-angle computer-generated landscapes were most impressive and incredibly detailed. I actually felt the explosions in my chest. That tells you how good the theater's speakers are. My theory of film-ratings revolves around expectations: if you expect a lot from a film, you will most likely come away feeling disappointed. I expected a lot from this film.

Not going to put this one on my offical recommended list because I was a little disappointed, but it's definitely a movie you should see anyway. If nothing else, it will show you how far technology has come.

19may2002 - Maria dropped off Nichloas for a few hours yesterday afternoon, while I watched the Lakers beat the Kings and she went to her Yoga class. Nicholas loves playing online games. His favorites are Unreal Tournament and Quake III Arena. We have a cable modem, so gameplay is fast & furious. He set a new personal record yesterday with 48 frags in one game.

Nicholas says the funniest things while playing, such as "I am a terror to all humanity". Where do 10-year-olds come up with that stuff? You should hear him say, "You're mine!" =)

18may2002 - You may have seen news of Laguna Beach on the evening news. Some sicko is putting razor blades in sand in the children's playground here. Yesterday morning they left a note on one of the benches, saying that the madness will continue. Local news crews have been visiting the city for weeks now.

Laguna is full of people who are concerned with health & healing (yoga, massage, wheat grass), so this is very strange. I took a walk thru main beach early yesterday morning. Wonder if I might have seen the culprit.

Today is Jahmar's first prom. He & friends have rented a limo. I will try to get pictures.

17may2002 - Drove by the Edwards Big Newport theater (largest screen in SoCal) at 10:30 last night, thinking of catching the new Star Wars flick. It was a madhouse. Traffic insane. The line was all the way down to Muldoon's Irish Pub, 3 or 4 abreast. People had brought folding chairs to sit on while waiting in line. Looks like the only way to catch the movie will be to attend one of the early matinee screenings.

16may2002 - Biggest news in the techie world is that Matrox announced the release of its newest graphics card: the Parhelia 512. I don't think you can actually buy one yet though. Matrox, a Canadian company, is known for having the best 2D image quality available. Official Matrox page is posted here. More info here (Anand's) and here ([H]ard|OCP).

I owned the Matrox G200 a few years. It *still* offers great 2D performance (but sucks at 3D). Anything Matrox releases is worth looking at, especially if you spend a lot of time using 2D and not much 3D.

14may2002 - Saw the movie/film UNFAITHFUL last night, starring Richard Gere & Diane Lane. I like Diane Lane. She played a similar role in the movie titled A WALK ON THE MOON, and offered a good performance in Unfaithful, a remake of a French film titled La Femme Infidele (The Unfaithful Woman). She conveyed the inner emotion turmoil especially well.

The film would've been much better if parts hadn't come off as so contrived (to aid plot development & suspense), which might bother me more than other viewers. The way she met her lover, a vital part of the story, was contrived to the point of orchestration. Not putting this one on my official recommended list, but it's still entertaining. More info posted here.

Noticed that the number of tents at Edwards Big Newport theater is growing, in preparation of the upcoming release of the new Star Wars flick. Those are real fans.

11may2002 - Wendy attended USC graduation ceremonies yesterday at the Shrine Auditorium to watch some of her friends graduate, such as Tania, Nancy, Brian & Despina. She said that Ron Howard, who won the Oscar for Best Director, for directing the Best Picture, A Beautiful Mind, gave the keynote address, and shook everyon'e hand. She noted how humble and funny he was.

He listed a whole slew of feelings they would encounter in their filmmakinmg careers, such as frustration, anger, hurt, and disappointment. He said that he still feels these things, after all these years, and that winning an Oscar for Best Director doesn't change it any.

10may2002 - Drove past the Edwards Big Newport theaters today (supposedly the largest screen in Southern California) and noticed a dozen tents set up outside, on a grassy area, by people waiting to see the new Star Wars release. They were partying and having a good ol' time.

09may2002 - I'm back. Sidney's boat, the most beautiful all-wood schooner you ever saw, blew an oil line while motoring yesterday and sprayed oil all over the cabin. What a mess. It's sad to see a grown man cry. I'm sending over a bottle of Glenmorangie, his favorite scotch, to contribute to his self-medication project.

If you have a broadband connection, Wendy posted a (13MB) Real-video file here, titled Sailing (near bottom) of footage taken while sailing to Catalina Island last summer. They don't make boats like that any more. More info about sailing on the schooner Escape is posted here. This photo is taken from the Escape.

Site usage stats for last month are posted here. Still looking to break the magical 1 million hits per month. It will take me a few days to get re-oriented.